Spain: Exploring Barcelona and Valencia with Canon Deutschland

Canon 5D Mark IV

A couple of weeks ago, I visited some cities in one of my favourite European country, Spain. With me I brought the new Canon 5D Mark IV and two Canon L lenses, kindly provided by my friends over at Canon Deutschland. The Canon 5D bodies are some of the most widely used cameras amongst professional photographers and are well known for their reliability, even under the toughest conditions.

Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon EF 35 f1.4 L II & EF 16-35 f4 L IS

The new Mark IV promises some highly appreciated updates like a touch-sensitive display, higher resolution and a much better dynamic range compared to its predecessors.  I was excited to see how this camera holds up against the difficult conditions I usually find when shooting on my travels.

Barcelona - Walden 7

The first stop of this short trip was Barcelona.

I've visited this city many times but it just never becomes boring. It's full of culture, photogenic spots and people and still offers plenty of unseen sights to me. Whenever I come here, it's not only about photography but also about the food and nightlife.

One place I haven't been to, when visiting Barcelona in the past, was Walden 7. It's an apartment complex created by the well known architect Ricardo Bofill. The building is located in the outskirts of central Barcelona, though nowadays you'll have a hard time gaining access to it. This is due to the constant inflow of Instagrammers and people who behaved disrespectful towards the residents and the property itself. Anyways, listed below you'll see some shots of this place, which I took with the Canon setup mentioned above. 

(Note: All these were taken without a tripod)

As you can see above, Walden 7 offers some pretty unique views and tones. The overall atmosphere is kinda out of this world. I could easily see myself shooting here for hours, chasing new angles and getting lost in one of the many winding paths. This is definitely a must see place if you're interested in architecture or design.

Valencia - Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias

After some exciting days in Barcelona, I headed down the coastline to Valencia, a city well known for its remarkable architecture and of course its delicious Paella.

The next morning I visited the Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias, the City of Arts and Sciences, designed by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava. It's a pretty rambling area including several buildings and other artefacts, painted in a clean white finish.

Once again, I was really impressed by this location. One can easily spend a whole day here exploring different angles, while light and shadow change the overall atmosphere constantly. It's already pretty impressive during the day, but you should see how this architectural masterpiece changes completely after dusk rolled in.

Pretty dope, right?

The images above are just some of the many I took, while exploring both cities. Make sure to follow along on Instagram and this website's portfolio for more content from this trip to Spain.

Talking about the gear, the autofocus system of the Canon 5D Mark IV was performing remarkable and always logged on instantly, even in very low light conditions. I could literally point it on whatever and it confirmed focus right away. I found this operational speed quite impressing. High ISO settings up to 6400 looked very clean and the higher ranges until 12800 could easily be cleaned up in post. All in all the the camera delivered outstanding results and I would feel confident using it in even the most difficult conditions. 

Thanks for following along and make sure you stay tuned for upcoming posts.



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