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While SSD drives undoubtedly are the future and offer some significant improvements compared to their traditional counterparts, they definitely come at high price point and with limited capacities. Therefore, I usually use them to edit a specific batch of images or footage as well as during the selection process, right after a shooting session or a trip. During these steps of my workflow I can benefit from their performance increase the most.

The longer the trip or session though, the more images I usually collect and have to keep secure. On top of this I still have to bring parts of my archive with me wherever I go, as I have to be able to deliver content from prior projects to clients at any time.

This is where traditional hard drives with large capacities come in very handy and from now on a couple of G-Technology’s G-DRIVE ev RaW drives serve the purpose of meeting these requirements I have.

G-DRIVE ev RaW with rubber protection bumper

G-DRIVE ev RaW with rubber protection bumper


Now don’t get me wrong, even though these hard drives are mechanical ones, they come with quite a lot of impressive features:

First of all, they’re very light, thanks to a custom polycarbonate enclosure, engineered by G-Technology. When I first held them in my hand I almost couldn’t believe their low weight. It’s the same polycarbonate, which makes them super robust as well. Furthermore, each of these drives is surrounded by a detachable shock-resistant rubber bumper, to add an extra layer of protection for drops of up to 1.5m in height.

In addition to this, the G-DRIVE ev RaW drives host one other impressive feature, which lets them stand out against traditional drives of the competition: Evolution Series Compatibility!

Basically this means, that these drives are fully compatible with other G-Technology Evolution Series solutions. For instance, you’ll be able to plug them right into any G-SPEED SHUTTLE, which features ev Series Bay adapters. This comes in super handy to quickly offload your data after a long session or to simplify your overall editing and backup workflow, by eliminating unnecessary steps. It’s a seamless and straight forward process, all offered by G-technology, being the one-stop shop for your content workflow. But more to that in the next post.

The G-DRIVE ev RaW drives are available with different capacities, all the way up to 4TB.

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