G-Technology: G-DRIVE Mobile Pro SSD

G-DRIVE Mobile Pro SSD

G-DRIVE Mobile Pro SSD

As a freelancing photographer, mainly shooting in urban environments and far off locations across the globe, I’m in a constant need for performance and reliability when it comes to my gear. Not only my cameras and lenses have to be rock-solid in every condition, but also the devices I use for storage and editing have to work flawlessly. On top of this, a steady increase in file sizes cries for high transfer times as well.

The G-DRIVE Mobile Pro SSD will be my new go-to companion, when I’m out in the field and need that uncompromising performance, paired with the assurance that my content is safe.

G-DRIVE Mobile Pro SSD

This SSD drive is built to be used in very tough conditions. It provides a shock-resistant structure and features a case with 3 meters drop-protection, accompanied by a 1000lb crush-proof rating. While we’re on it, the overall futuristic design looks very appealing to me and G-Technology made sure to only use handpicked components for the drive’s high-quality finish.

An aesthetically pleasing look alone is worth nothing in the field, but happily the G-DRIVE Mobile Pro SSD convinces with its technical specifications as well. It features Thunderbolt 3 and an unbelievable 2800 MB/s of sustained transfer rates, which lets you edit multi-stream 8K footage in real time or transfer a whole Terabyte of content in less than 7 minutes! It’s mind-blowing, what G-Technology was able to produce here and personally, editing content will never be the same for me. Performance really has been redefined with this drive and all of this fits in the palm of your hand.

G-DRIVE Mobile Pro SSD

The G-DRIVE Mobile Pro SSD is available in two capacieties, 500GB and 1TB.

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